14 Sep, 2023 - Welcome to Anchors Academy - We are accepting applications for 2024/25 (Deadline 30th June).

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Primary Section
Message from the Principal

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Anchors Academy Primary School. Anchors Academy is a modern, well-resourced and unique primary school that offers a dynamic and international style education which combines the strengths of the International and the Hong Kong curricula to ensure students meet the high standards of local Maths, Chinese and English Education. With a unique and sought-after educational structure and an exciting campus that can cater for a wealth of student diversity, we will build an amazing global community in a harmonious, enjoyable and respectful environment. Our students will be multilingual and they will all excel in English as the language of instruction and inclusion. In addition, all students have the opportunity to learn Chinese as a native or a near-native language speaker to ensure students can be productive members of society and be successful in the world of work in Hong Kong or abroad. As Principal of the school, it is my honour to ensure the school can flourish with exceptional international and local teachers and administrative staff to build a community that promises success in academics and strong value education based on the ANCHORS core values. Together we will nurture students to love learning, be creative, be exceptional at Languages, STEAM and IT as well as be kind, confident and morally responsible. We will also ensure we continue to develop and offer vast extracurricular opportunities to develop a healthy lifestyle and a well-rounded education to equip students for the globalised world. I look forward to welcoming all students and parents to Anchors Academy, and together we can build a fantastic community full of success and opportunity, in the present and in the future. Mr Thomas Crawford Moore Primary School Principal, Anchors Academy

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