14 Sep, 2023 - Welcome to Anchors Academy - We are accepting applications for 2024/25 (Deadline 30th June).

Our Teaching Team

We pride ourselves on having a highly qualified teaching team that is dedicated to supporting our students. Our teachers are all university graduates and PGDE-qualified. Additionally, our educational assistants are aspiring teachers who provide excellent additional resources for your child’s education.


Each class is assigned two class teachers who work together to plan and deliver lessons carefully, with the aim of maximising the potential and progress of every child.


Teachers’ Professional Development

We provide our teachers with ongoing professional development opportunities to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest developments and best practices in curriculum, assessment and other relevant areas. This enables us to deliver the highest quality of education to our students and find new, innovative ways to engage them.


Specialist Teachers

In addition to our experienced classroom teachers, our students will benefit from our specialist teachers in areas such as STEAM, Music, Dance and Physical Education.

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