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After School & Extra-Curricular Activities 

To enhance students’ learning experiences, our school provides excellent learning opportunities with our comprehensive extracurricular programmes. Our programmes cover all the key learning areas of Academics, Gifted and Talented, the Arts, Music, Leadership and Sports.We also strive to develop socially responsible students through community
service, charity as well as environmental and sustainability projects.


Academic, Logical and Linguistic Enhancement
• Reinforce the curriculum through engaging activities, research and experimental learning
• Prioritise school trips and outings for real-life application of knowledge and self-discovery
• Overseas learning opportunities to enrich cultural knowledge and broaden exposure to the world


Sports and Athletics
• Recognise the importance of physical education and sports in student development
• Encourage exploration of interests and talents through sports teams and interest groups

Student Voice and Leadership
• Recognise student’s leadership potential and contributions
• Students can make a positive impact through ambassador, prefect, mentorship and house leadership programmes


Community Service, Charity and Sustainability
• Offer opportunities to contribute to society through charity, community service and sustainability initiatives
• Strive to nurture caring students who are socially responsible and committed to making a positive difference
in the world

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