14 Sep, 2023 - Welcome to Anchors Academy - We are accepting applications for 2024/25 (Deadline 30th June).

Local Identity, Global Vision


At Anchors Academy we are committed to recognising the uniqueness of each individual learner and unleashing their full potential irrespective of their abilities. Our goal is to prepare our students for the future and instil in them a lifelong thirst for learning, so they will become responsible citizens who are ready to face the challenges of the future world.


An Ethos- and Values-driven Education

Our ANCHORS values are infused into every aspect of our school to ensure that we always remain committed to our mission and vision of fostering a compassionate community that contributes positively to both Hong Kong society and the wider world.


Act with Integrity
Communication and Confidence
Health and Happiness
Optimism and Opportunity
Respect and Responsibility
Service to the Community

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